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Vincenzo Castellana – AcquAria perform Traditional Sicilian songs in hommage to the Sea

The rich musical tradition of Sicily includes many songs that speak of the sea, singits praises or are sung by those whose work connects them to the water.

Musician, researcher and performer Vincenzo Castellana pays tribute to Sicily’s sea.

He has created a work of songs, compositions, visual art and recitations which illustrates the intimate connection of Sicily, the history and the culture to the sea which surrounds it.

The concept at the core of Seacily is to provide an experience of Sicily and its rich culture which spans centuries and creates a dialogue between a multitude of ethnicities. Through the performances, the aim is to encourage and foster this type of connection among the audiences.

Seacily is an interactive performance of the authentic music heritage of Sicily, as well as a multi-sensorial experience of the sea; a concert of traditional and contemporary Sicilian folk and roots music which also incorporates traditional dance and Sicilian Literature into the performance. An unique musical voyage through the epochs of time via the rich and distinct musical tradition of Sicily; the music has been carefully researched and selected to celebrate the soul in its various states of being. During the performance a beautiful image of the undulating sea is projected on the audience as the music immerses them in Sicily’s culture of the sea and its influence on daily life. It’s through this display of humanity’s connectedness to the sea which creates an awareness of the importance of preserving the health and the vibrancy of the sea.


AcquAria – Amuri Amuri feat. Michela Musolino produced by Zoige

Please visit this linked page to listen to a live concert for Rootsworld on WPKN;


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