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Vincenzo Castellana and Nicola Scagliozzi met in Amsterdam (NL) on winter 2013 and decided to start a musical project combining the researches about their lands of origin: Sicily and Apulia.


Logo Musica ViNicola - © ViCaTogether onstage, they are know as Musica ViNicola: a powerful Duo who bring to audiences the pure sound of Southern Italian landscapes. The name of the band, ViNicola, in Italian refers to “something about the wine”, since their energetic music is the same used to celebrate the Greek God of the inebriation, Dionysos. At the same time is a word game made out of the two musician’s names.

logo duo 5Vincenzo and Nicola play traditional music which embodies the power and the vibes of their ancient cultural heritage and demonstrates the passion of the Southern people. It’s a journey into the authentic soundscapes with the aim to preserve fundamental musical elements in danger of disappearance. It’s a strong concept with a repertoire that surprises and entertains all the generations.



Vincenzo - © unmask photography

Vincenzo Castellana:

Tamburelli, Sicilian Flute, Moutharp, Guitar, Voice;



Nicola Scagliozzi:

Chitarra Battente, Castagnette, Voice;


Musica ViNicola draws in audiences with its powerful yet simple groovy rhythms and the distinct sounds of our voices towards the trance – a final condition of freedom for the body and spirit.

Their concerts are performed on traditional acoustic instruments handcrafted by Southern Italian masters and includes spoken interludes in English, engaging and informing the audience about the music during the performance.

In his short history Musica ViNicola has performed yet in prestigious Dutch musical venues, including Grounds Podium in Rotterdam; Mezrab, Tobacco Theater and Podium Mozaiek in Amsterdam, with lots of admirations and  enthusiasm from the audience.